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requests. it is in america's interests, along with our european and canadian allies, to forge strategic partnerships with arab nations as we move forward into this new era of change in the arab world. there are very specific re reasons, strategic regional concerns, and rationales as to why the united states will support this. we did not lead this. we will not engage in unilateral action in any way, but we strongly support the international community taking action against government and leaders who behave as gaddafi is unfortunately doing so now, and we think an international border that can bring about this kind of unity is very much in america's interest. >> you just said that conditions are unfolding that will create a new environment in which people will act, including those around colonel gaddafi. does that mean that you are in the sense -- in essence giving up on trying to remove colonel gaddafi? we're aiming the message at all of the decision makers inside libya. the opposition is largely led by those who defected from the gaddafi regime or who formerly served ait. it is certainly
a different america. >> major burris this leaders on how new york regained a major position. >> with wall street's reemergence, wall street was pulled into the global economy and became america's gateway to that economy, and has prospered ever since. >> watched the interview sunday night on c-span. >> the consumer federation of america have a summit meeting in washington, d.c. this week. the subject of one panel was how communication has changed with the presence of the internet, mobile devices, and social networking. also covered, online privacy. experts from microsoft and a rise in to play -- took part in this one hour, 20 minute event. >> i think we're going to get started for this morning's panel. it is entitled "the future of consumer communications." we're glad to hear your critics see you here on a friday morning. no place better to be at this panel talking about this issue. in recent years, we have seen an explosion in growth of devices that consumers use and the way that the uses them, whether facebook, twitter, video. more and more consumers use devices in different ways to acce
and one question i ask children in america is i ask them how many of you have talked great detail to your grandparents or elders or fore father's about world war ii or the depression or vietnam or civil rights movement, or perhaps if your parents or grandparents came from another country and settled here what it's like. only five to ten percent of the ands come up. if i asked that same question in afghanistan or pakistan or africa 90% of ands come up and i think the as great tragedy we've lost that oral tradition and a rich tradition about folklore and heritage and faith and heritage. to honor that today i'd like to share with you a little story. it's a hard cover book that came out in march of 2006. anybody have a hard cover. wave it up here. you might not want it after i say this. i got to pick the title. three cups of tea but viking told me they would pick the subtitle and they picked one man mission to fight terrorism one school at a time. i objected because obviously there's- ways to fight tear riz m with education but i said i do this to promote peace and i started 8 years before 91
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. they think that would send a long term message that could take years to fix. >> south america is so important. >> everything about this trip has to do with trade and economics. you're going hear the president try to talk about jobs as much as anything. strengthening this relationship with brazil and chile in particular is one of the focal points here. all of the run up has been up to how america can increase its exports to the rest of latin america. so that's the focus. the president clearly is having to multitask here. >> from the president on libya. >>> and what's the reaction right now? what have you seen or heard of anything in terms of aircraft. >> planes are flying way up there. they will be flying, taking information, and gathering information on a lot of different provinces across the country. they're looking at clusters of war planes, if you will. and they are also looking at communications. revoke us immediately to come to the next press conference. this is where gadhafi's headquarters is. he didn't want to wait for the end of the warning to react. and that tells us that finally, pe
's, and the largest fireworks display ever seen in america. generations of new yorkers commemorated november 25th as evacuation day, an anniversary that of the folded into the more enduring november celebration of national togetherness, that is giving day. what if you had not wanted the british to leave? mixed in among a happy new york crowd there were other less cheerful faces. colonists who had sided with british, the departure spelled lawrie. during the war tens of thousands of loyalists had moved for safety into new york and of the british held cities. the british withdrawal raised urgent questions about their future. what kind of treatment could they expect? jailed, attacked, retain their property or hold on to their jobs? confronting real doubts of their lives, liberty, and potential for happiness in the united states, 60,000 loyalists decided to take their chances and follow the british elsewhere into the british empire. it took 16,000 black slaves with them bringing the total exodus to 75,000 people or about one in 40 members of the american population. it travel to canada, sell for brita
>>> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. good morning. it is saturday, march 19th. this morning, breaking news. are these new pictures proof that moammar gadhafi is defying america? just hours after president obama told gadhafi to back down or face military actions. the rebels say gadhafi continues to attack. in fact, they say they just shot down one of his war planes. >>> state of emergency. frightening news from japan this morning. reports that their milk and food supply is now contaminated with radiation. and this morning, reports that the workers at the crippled nuclear plant in japan, are trying to start the cooling pumps to prevent a meltdown. >>> strange twist. police uncover what they say was a murder plot at this upscale yoga clothing store, in a posh washington, d.c. suburb. did this woman, murder her co-worker and then bind and gag herself so that she could claim to be a victim? >>> and hacked. who is hacking into celebrities' e-mail accounts? and leaking embarrassing photos and information? more than 50 stars have been hit so
a look. this is a brand new hour on america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright. fox news confirming the united states is preparing to launch an air attack on the libyan defenses. secretary of state clinton speaking about the role today and an emergency international summit in paris. >> colonel gaddafi continues to defy the world. his attacks on civilians go on. today we have been monitoring the troubling reports of fighting around and within benghazi itself. as president obama said, we have every reason to fear left uncheck gaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities. >> kelly: secretary of state hillary clinton. molly henneberg is joining us live from washington the. and holly, how does secretary clinton describe. >> she didn't give military details, she is the top diplomate. and further delay on libya will put the civilians at risk and the u.s. will support national military efforts to prevent gaddafi from attacking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners
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or four weeks ago. having said that look what's happening in north america and the middle east. and the president knew this was coming and why is it he waited so long to be dragged to action, an action that america should have led on in the beginning. the fact that this president won't tell us what the game plan is, other than to signal to the enemy we will note use ground troops. i happened to agree with colonel cowan on the program early. this was a terrible signal to gaddafi, knowing in fact that the americans are not committed to removing him. so they'll bomb him, he'll reorganize and wait us out or he'll promise another cease-fire, he's going to play games with us, he knows this president not committed to getting the job done. >> kelly: and he know the cooperation on implementing the no-fly zone and nicolas sarkozy said that coalition forces, on protecting the benghazi, says, quote, our planes are already preventing air attacks on the city. is that enough support from britain and france? or should the united states be willing to do more as far as tomahawk missiles, planned
immediately. >> and the clock is ticking. will america end up in yet another armed conflict? >>> atomic end game? we'll have the latest as concern builds over especially dangerous fuel inside one of those japanese nuclear reactors. as more workers are sent in, can they stop the most radioactive meltdown of all? >>> and, disaster pricing. the tsunami wipes out factories and creates shortages of the most popular consumer gadgets, from flat screens to cell phones. get ready for sticker shock. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city this is "nightline," march 18th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. and, american blood and treasure is on the line anew tonight as president obama prepares to take military action against libya, with u.n. backing, and in cooperation with france, britain and others. despite this pressure, libyan leader moammar gadhafi continued his bloody assault on the opposition, using tanks and heavy artillery to bombard towns. so, what price is the u.s. prepared to pay in libya? once again, after
is on the side of gadhafi, he got no votes of support across the u.n. but it is still a potential for america to get sucked into a very dangerous territory where we're not sure who the right rebels are, the right revolutionaries, the people we want to support. so there is natural caution but this is deep dispute for the heart and minds of one man, the president of the united states. here he came out in favor of action, but he took his time. >> richard engel, there are two options we are aware of that the president was offered in libya. one is do nothing, just offer vocal support. the other is what they've chosen to do through united nations which is try to enforce a no fly zone and whatever else the planes may be doing in the air. is there some other set of options that was presented to the president that could reasonably have an effect here? >> reporter: i don't know what options were presented to the president, but you're hitting on something that is essential here. there is a great difference between a no fly zone and a protective shield over the rebels and toppling the regime of gadhafi.
decline. it was common for all of america's older cities. one of the pains of this book is that the american dream doesn't have to lie behind a white picket fence in the suburb. and that cities have been as intrinsic to american history and to our experience as a nation as anyplace else. the very birth of american has its roots in boston in the 1770s between john hancock badly wanted the political change that could be created by a mob. and sam adams who knew how to conjure a mob. and their connections as created by the city of boston changed america, created, helped create this great country of ours. in the 19 century the great problem was making the wealth of the american interior accessible to the market to the east and europe. cities make that happen. they grew up as the great transportation network that enables the rich dark soil of iowa to become productive. if you go back to 1816 it costs us much to move goods 32 miles overland as it did to ship them across the atlantic. it was enormously difficult to access all the wealth that was in the american hinterland. citie
believe, and what i think america's priorities ought to be. part of the reason for writing the book was to let people have a clear insight so they will know on the front end. before i run and before they commit. and part of the purpose in the book was to say here i stand. martin luther was the one who nailed 95 thesis on the door in wittenberg. i'm not sure this is such significance. it isn't, of course, but it is to me an important document, a statement of conviction. and i think if one reads the book, you will find there are some things that i say that are not necessarily politically correct. i don't always follow the company line of the gop. there are some maybe more unorthodox points of view that you'll find. and i think you'll find an extraordinary level of canter in which i talk about things like social security and medicare. i want today to find of give a summary of some of the maybe salient points that i think are most critical in understanding what's in this book, why i wrote it, and then, of course, i'll be happy to answer your questions. i've always say in politics, we ca
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to the united states of america. the family has said if pakistan gives ramon davis back to the united states, they will all commit suicide one at a time. now that may all be a bluff, but there aren't a lot of government that is are going to call the citizens bluff on something like that. we have high drama, supply versus supply, -- spy versus spy, and it comes after a difficult relationship. the a cy office in the country was named in the pakistani press, he was outed. he had to be pulled out the country, literally at night. if that wasn't bad enough, "the new york times" and the "washington post" citing cia sources said he had been outed by the pakistani intelligence service, the interservice intelligence director at isi. now i've been engaged in liaison with foreign governments for many years. this is not normal behavior. we don't usually do this. we don't usually out each other, and then talk about it in the newspapers. since the arrest of mr. davis, the president has said very clearly is a diplomat and must be given diplomatic immunity. we have already canceled a trilateral afghanistan,
in the city's economic future, from the 49ers to the america's cup. talk to me about sports in san francisco. >> i was fortunate growing up. i was one that had season tickets to season49ers -- season tickets to the 49ers from what i was 8 years old. one part is economic, which i'll get to in the second, but the other part that is missing is what it does for the city of san francisco to bring us together as a community, as a city. what happened when the 49ers won those super bowls year after year? that was a huge deal for our city and our community in san francisco. what happened with the world series this year when the giants won for the first time in over 50 years? incredible. everybody was celebrating. and that is a huge deal for our community in san francisco, but i think, economically, not only jobs in terms of construction of stadiums and what have you. economically, you know, for those people who do not believe or do not really fully appreciate what type of economic drivers the sporting events and teams are, go down to soma during a giants game. come to the marina when the blue angels
the affects. >> are you coming back to america or stay there? >> i will be in tokyo for one week and maybe move down to okasaka and going home in a month. >> what did your pam fam say get back here right now, young lady? >> my mother is very kind . i know she definitely wants me to go home, but she said that she will wait and for me to do what i thought was best. >> be safe and be well beth thank you very much. all right from the nuclear storm in japan and to the budget battle that keeps changing in wisconsin . the governor is signing it and the judge is saying hold it and the voters are fed up with all of it. [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. >> this
figured we had been cheated out of our history of america. only two names were in the encyclopedia, and that was booker t. washington and george washington carver, but she lectured about the contribution of frederick douglass, w.e.b. dubois, and how jackie robinson had broken the baseball barrier. and we remembered the opera singer who was not allowed to sing in the hall and had to sing in lincoln center. all the discrimination and the local in justices. like, everything was separate and unequal. the school was inadequate. we could not go to the hospitals. they built a house adjacent to the main hospital. the white people were not supposed to be in the same room with an n-person. you know the n-word? i said to myself at the end of the day that i love my country and i'm glad that that day, i took a stand. i saw through the supreme court that the flaws that america had tried to correct them by removing those horrible signs -- "white" and "colored." i said when i testified at the trial, i went through how we were treated, and the lady dramatize it, so i do not have to go through that,
think is one of the greatest mayer's america has ever had he isn't the best mayor in america today and said think rahm is ready to fill the shoes and i am looking forward to working with you . >> they both identified the economy as the most important on the agenda and i'm not show and tell what a fourth grader brought to school and gave to his classmates. haole suburban mother is growing her business mother is growing her business in a slow economy. with the velocity of a 1-ghz dual core processor, 3-d graphics engine, gyroscope, and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. breaking news and a fairly sad story. air rescue scene that is still active right now just a short time ago and the roof of the old engine water hospital which is abandoned and there was a report of an electrical explosion it turned out three children had made their way into the building and ventured on the roof and there was some sort of electrical contact it appears that all three have been burned. three transports to critical. to the hospital. again three children up on the roof of
expected to land in brazil in 20 minutes or so on a three-day latin america tour. stops in chile and el salvador. we'll have more from ed henry who is traveling with the president. it's coming up after the president lands 20 minutes from now. >>> former secretary of state, warren christopher has died. he served as deputy at the state department during the carter administration. he's credited with releasing 52 americans held hostage in iran. dead at the age of 85. >>> after seven years in exile in south africa, he's back. haiti's first democratically elected president returned to the island nation yesterday. u.s. officials not happy to see him back. they were worried about the timing of his arrival which comes before sundays's presidential run off. he has no political aspiration. he only wants to help the nation recover. >>> to wisconsin where temporary retraining order has the new budget repair law on hold. the governor says he's confident at the initiative will prevail in court. a lawsuit followed by a democratic district attorney says republican lawmakers violated the law when they pa
, the united states of america if you -- the problem is getting into this whole thing and how -- i know how we get in and how you start attacking even tank. as jack jacobs and dan have said, once you start doing that, you're talking about american air power because only we have the capability to do all this stuff and to do it quick. but the question is, are we then going to fight the war and, quite frankly, i believe if you go in that way, you've -- and o allies who are involved in this coalition, would they need to get in on the ground? >> okay, it may have been enough a month ago. i suspect if the no-fly zone had been started, particularly if the u.s. would have been involved, we would have seen cad's forces melt away -- gadhafi's forces melt away. nobody wants to die for him particularly. and now that the offense sieve coming close to victory, it may not be enough. in which case even if you're using air power to strike ground targets, you have to go in low. you have to take out the air defense side. you have a wider war without putting a single boot on the ground. but if that doesn't work,
language. america, wake up -- i am talking to you by english language. america, wake up. it is bad for us if we have the same earthquake, like we had in japan. 10,000 people have been disappeared. they lost everything, cars, whatever they have. our friends, our families, supervisors. such as john avalos, jane kim, and others, and i would like to see -- that she fire -- let us see what they are going to do, mr. john avalos and ms. jane kim. this is a time to teach us what we can do to help my neighbor. i need help. i need your help. other people began. children, people older than me. john avalos, i talk to you at this moment because you are very close to me. we would like to handle that problem suint -- soon or later and for the supervisors to try to do -- and training. in your district, how we can help each other. the people lost their lives because they do not know what to do, or they do something wrong, but if we have a player, maybe we can save other people. -- if we have a planned, maybe we can save other people. -- if we have a plan. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >>
international military efforts to prevent khadafy from taking his own people. >> america has unique capabilities. we will bring them to bear to help our reunion and canadian allies and air partners stop further violence against civilians including to be effective implementation of a no-fly zone. as president obama said, the united states will not deploy ground troops. there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. >> molly: secretary clinton attended an emergency summit of 23 leaders today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone. secretary who had side meetings with the foreign ministers of jordan, united arab emirates and adequater they say arab participation has been crucial so far. >> heather: the french, they have taken the most visible lead today. what are they doing? >> molly: n car car hosted the meeting today in paris it indicated afterwards that french fighter jets at the time was patrolling the skies above a key rebel stronghold in libya would have to take a more aggressive position. >> our effort will o
is spent here in america industry and dollars for the american workers and corporation equipment that moves over. it is not like we run over with suitcases of money. we do that also but one part of foreign aid is helpful to the u.s. and we would be slipping things to the egyptian under the radar creen and everybody will not see it with the sole purpose of getting it in the other countries . making sure it gets to those who are fighting against al-gaddafi since we are not committed to fight against al-gaddafi on the ground. >> neil: the president is with the president of brazil and in brazialian we would normally go to her but she speaks fort gease and as a result we are not aware of an interperter. but she is commending the president and his efforts to lead a global recovery and the brave steps he has take tone do so. we are just a bit of a background on her. 36th president of brazil and the first woman to lead the country it is interesting, not that many years ago she was in jail for leftist and violent movement that she had no direct relationship with. but the country elected her apprecia
and other civilians, and, welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jimmamie colby. the french fighter jets are enforcing the no-fly zone over the north african nation and the rebel fighters are battling forces loyal to muammar qaddafi in the city of benghazi. steve harrigan is streaming live from the capital of tripoli where there is a lot of activity as well, steve, tell us the latest. >> reporter: right now we're hearing the steady pounding of anti-aircraft fire off my right, in the distance. it's not clear whether they are firing at actually planes, or just in anticipation of attack. i can tell you about the cruise missiles. we have not heard any here in the center of tripoli, two miles away from colonel qaddafi's headquarters. muammar qaddafi has responded to those cruise missile attacks in a rather unusual address on state television. he was not shown on tv but an audio recording says, called for all of the libyan people to, quote, arm themselves against the zionists, so far he and his government being defiant in wake of the cruise missile attacks and sa
it regrets the action being taken. we expect to hear from president obama. he is traveling in south america in brazil currently and on his way to rio de janeiro and we expect him to make a statement on libya. he may be asked if he takes questions about who is really in charge here. the pentagon may get the same question. we expect a briefing there following the president's statements from south america. we're keeping an eye on all of that right here on msnbc. stay with us. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes, clear streams and along more fresh water coast line than any other state in the country. come realize water's true potential. dive in-to the waters of pure michigan. your trip begins at [ female announcer ] pads have been made with the same fluff for years. today there's always
morning, america. the government today will borrow $5 billion. and the next day. and the next day. and the day after that. should the focus be on saving? hour two on "fox and friends" starts right now. >> welcome to "fox and friends" and peter is here for dave who is off this week. >> thank you for helping us out. we have a fox news alert because violence exploded in eastern libya and forces loyal to muammar qaddafi have waste nod time if breaking the cease-fire. >> and our reporter is on the ground, and he is joining us live but he is on the move. what can you tell us, rick? >>reporter: we are at a gas station eat -- east of benghazi and chaos. the residents are fleeing. a million residents but not now because of the shelling that it has beenen taking. we woke up to the sound of tank fire and incoming fire artillery possibly from a ship in the mediterranean and there was a jet shot down just south of our hotel on the southern edge of benghazi. we saw the jet flying over the hotel. there was antiaircraft fire that hit the jet and it went down. on fire. hit the ground in a crowded
-nation latin america tour. we'll be checking in with him live. here's a picture of the president arriving a short time ago in brazil. we'll tell you what's on his agenda coming up on this "cnn saturday morning." gravy every . fay as the best ingredient is love. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. ♪ today is saturday announcer: 60 minutes of physical activity a day and eating well can help get your child healthy. get ideas. get involved. get going at that's >>> well, we're at a quarter past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. president obama landed in brazil a short time ago. this is his first stop on the latin american country trip. he's received some criticism for taking the trip with all that's going on ri
america. we're just getting news now that the defense secretary robert gates is delaying his trip to russia because he has the situation to deal with. how prepared are we? how involved might the united states become in the action in libya? look, over the last week plans were developed, where the administration, both the president asked the pentagon to come up with plans to help enforce and assist in a no fly zone if this resolution was going to pass. they knew the wording and the question, how are we going to assist, clear, over the last couple weeks? we have moved assets into the mediterranean, naval assets in particular. so there is obviously something, a role they're going to play. we know about the logistical role and intelligence role they're playing which is the flying of the awacs planes over libya to identify targets and confirm where these folks are but the question is, are there going to be more action that u.s. military assets are going to take beyond intelligence gathering and i think we'll find out more in the next few hours. the delay of secretary gates' trip to russ
, most advanced 4g network in america. across the country when the economy tumbled, jpmorgan chase set up new offices to work one-on-one with homeowners. since 2009, we've helped over 250,000 americans keep their homes. and we're reaching out to small businesses too, lending them more than $10 billion last year. we're also giving businesses the opportunity to ask for a second review if they feel their loan should have been approved. this is how recoveries happen. everyone doing their part. this is the way forward. >> shepard: in the impact segment tonight, here are the latest developments from japan. the japanese nuclear safety agency upgraded the nuclear radiation leak from disaster from a level 4 to a level 5. this means some people may die from exposure to radiation. so far over 200,000 people have been evacuated from a 12-mile radius around the plant and there are reports that up to 190 workers may be suffering from some degree of radiation sickness. but here in the united states the fema director says that radiation levels are not dangerous, although they are monitoring the situation
this kind of unity is very much in america's interests. >> molly: the secretary also reiterated what president obama said, that the u.s. would not be contributing any ground troops. she attended a emergency summit today to get everyone on the same page about how to enforce the united nations resolution authorizing a no-fly zone over libya. >> jamie: as you said this is an emergency summit. she also made these statements. what other nations, do get the sense from listening to everyone there will contribute to the build-up of assets we heard the u.s. is putting in place? >> molly: as you were saying this wasn't a military planning session but rather a chance to define the expectations of military action. n car car made it clear that french jets already were in the air, also six f-16ss from denmark landed in sisly and italy is making seven bases. spain sent four f-18's and reruling plane as well as deploying a submarine, a naval frigate and naval plane. norway would say it would send jets to enforce the no-fly zone. britain has moved three warships in the mediterranean and spokesman for
jack jacobs, thank you. >> see you later. >>> the president's trip to south america, what he hopes to accomplish and what message from there on libya if any? we have a live report on that. >>> plus containing the fallout in japan. is the nuclear plant there too old to be safe? might the u.s. have the same potential problem? >>> and why police say they've solved the mystery behind a murder at a yoga shop. this is msnbc saturday. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. >>> president obama's in brazil this morning on the first leg of the three-nation swing. the white house framing it as a mission to secure u.s. jobs but critics say it's bad timing given the situation in libya. chuck todd is nbc news white house correspondent and joins me live from the brazilian capital. what's on the agenda there today? >> reporter: well, today, alex, starts with a bilateral meeting with the new brazilian president, the first woman president of
the united states of america is on it that is ready to tattoo "america's newsroom" -- muammar qaddafi's headlines drew in the sand today. >> no. president obama, the guy he was doing so well, the speech sounded good. and then with one line he destroyed it all when he said that we will not go one step beyond protecting civilians. and that was for his base. but what qaddafi heard was okay, got a set back but no regime change. can i sleep well tonight. and wait the gringos out. whoever wrote that speech was so idiotic in they not thinking about the effect on qaddafi. we undercut the threat of a no-fly zone. so, i want obama to do well. he is our president. but this guy projects weakness to the max. >> juan: colonel peters what the president did say muir -- mow muir march qaddafi. military consequences does. that mean the united states will go on the ground in that case or does it mean that all bets are off and we will leave it to the french and the british and the u.n. and nato? we don't want troops on the ground they are unnecessary. no-fly zone at this point because it's been delayed s
america right now. but, richard, you talk about that paper and the words written on it. there's so much talk about the actual no-fly zone, but there is so much more to this resolution. remind people watching now, it's not just a resolution imposing a no-fly zone. >> this was very, very interesting discussions at the united nations, how quickly it changed -- >> i apologize, here, richard. i apologize. we do have the president starting to speak. as i do that we start to lose the signal. having an issue with our satellite there. we did pop right back up last time we had this, hoping it will open again. richard, eyelet will yi'll let the no-fly zone. i apologize if i do have to interrupt you gep if we get the president back. >> it appears it was a quick turn in u.s. government circles as president obama, susan rice, u.s. ambassador, secretary clinton got on board with more of the muscular approach towards handling the gadhafi situation. in fact, gadhafi's government may have brought on the quick pace themselves as their tanks and troops retook towns held by rebels. they were probably very h
will be speaking. we're waiting for those comment at any moment now. he's on a five-day tour of latin america. right now in brazil. brazil one of five countries which on stained from that u.n. resolution, making this somewhat of an awkward visit for u.s. president barack obama. [ male announcer ] this is james. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smart move. ♪ with heart-related chest pain or a heart attack known as acs, you may not want to face the fact that you're at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps protect people with acs against heart attack or stroke: people like you. it's one of the most researched prescription medicines. goes beyond what they do alone by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking and forming dangerous clots. plavix. protection against heart attack or stroke in people with acs. [ female announcer ] plavix is not for everyone. certain genetic factors and some medicines such as prilosec reduce the effect of plavix
they simply don't know. they're just too overwhelmed with other distractions. should america now be getting more forcefully involved over there to try to get proper answers? >> in the soviet union, the government was not transparent during the chernobyl crisis. they should have asked for more help. they should have asked for it earlier. at three mile island, the utility swore that they had the capacity to be able to handle that emergency, but ultimately president carter had to order in federal experts in order to help to shut down that plant before it became a catastrophe. obviously the same thing is happening in japan. there is overconfidence which is leading to, in my opinion, an elk exasbation of the catastrophe. i would hope the japanese government would be open to having the most brilliant nuclear physicist in the country, in the world coming in and helping them to close down this disaster so that they can focus on the tsunami-related disaster that have affected the lives of the families all across the northern part of japan. but i understand it because it's human nature to say that yo
-fire. it could be a rebel fighter jet there are reports. before leaving for south america, president obama issued an ultimatum from the white house, warning gaddafi that an including establishing a he no ply zone over libya. >> left uncheck we have every reason to believe that gaddafi would commit atrocities to his people and thousands would day. the a humanitarian crisis would ensue and the entire reason could be destabilized endangers our allies and partners. >> and the president said the u.s. ground forces would not be involved in any ground action in libya. to the latest news in japan. japanese officials say radioactive iodine has been detected in tokoyo drinking water as well as other areas and japan's government says that spinach and milk taken from farms 20 miles from crippled nuclear plants have radiation 20 times above the limit. and the water trucks are now pumping sea water directly on to unit three to keep it from a total meltdown and crews are working to try and reconnect four of the six reactors to japan's power grid by today or tomorrow. and a
of america held a summit today in washington. we will hear discussions about the economy, product safety and consumer protections but first a panel on the internet communications technology. executives from. this is three hours. >> we are going to get started on this morning's panel which is entitled the future of consumer -- the future of the consumer communications. ning because there better to be than to hear the panel talk about this issue. as most of you know in recent years we've seen an explosion in growth in the devices that consumers use and ways that the devices with various facebook, twitter, video, more and more consumers are using devices in different ways to access information to send information within its e-mail on their laptop, watching a video on their ipod or tuitele on their mobile devices, consumers more and more are using devices in different ways not only to receive information but also to send information. and so what does all of this mean for the future of consumer communications? >> we have set for speakers to discuss this. their biographies are in your packet s
teenagers the dangers of driving while chatting. teenagers are involved in three >> all right young america, what's your opinion? we'll find out in "speak of the week." >> if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? >> i would probably want to go to the galapagos actually and um . i don't know. my sister went there it looks really, really cool like everywhere possible, so many places how could you choose? >> spain, just because i went there one summer i loved the food, i loved the culture, i loved being able to take a little siesta during the day, that definitely flows well with me! >> los angeles is a really fun city, or chicago. i would go to london because i've never been there and a lot of my camp counselors are from there. i'd love to visit them. >> i know where i'd like to go. wherever shia labouf is. for t/kn, i'm sam. >> this season we were invited to do some behind-the-scenes reporting on the new york yankees. here's this week's segment. >> tyler here with the field report. today we're getting a tour of yankee stadium with tony morante. let's go check it out. >> how's
of beautiful: rethinking race in prisons in america" will be published later this year. the start of the off-broadway hip-hop theater production, he has lectured and performed at over 100 colleges and correctional facilities in the united states, africa, asia, latin america, and europe. he has released two albums to critical acclaim, taught at brooklyn college, new york university, the new school in columbia university, and is now touring lyrics for lockdown. one of those is sponsored by the naacp. i learned that he is beginning rehearsals for the remakes of "the wiz." let's welcome him. [applause] our moderator for this afternoon, world renowned anti- racist, multicultural educator. [applause] yes. as many of you in the audience know, she is an accomplished front line teacher. a teacher, educators, researchers, writers, consultant, speaker. she is like a mother, auntie, big sister, all in one, for me. she has taught in canada, the caribbean, and the u.s. and has been involved in the development of teachers for two decades. she consults on anti-racist inclusion very and equitable education.
for the americas. we are inside the basement of the polytechnic and i'm admiring the bone is thattedose that your heal bone makes in the sunlight in the palms of my hand in my mind. when you come to my bed your hands and breath is sweet and we can love like this for hours. i can find christ in your body. this too must be constructed and killed bike on television with pain and blood that's beautiful like a red refer. you made me into a woman and i surend erred into it a man-made into a woman and returned. but you don't want to my bed this is the metal cloth you are chained to in the polytechnic. and i do we do it slowly with timed extensions of christ, his face removed and his penis removed the maggets and the wounds the teeth and hair weeks before he is your christ in the black pit with you. each day becomes eternity of days the sun never sets or rises the light bulb on a wire as i burn you 117 times with my cigarettes while the other guards have gone out for a meal beef stake tomatoes and red wines then i will ask for your for giveness. you look at me or rather you stair at me, make a picture on
. >>> the verison wrap up show. rule the air on the fastest most advanced 4g network in america. >>> the zoom tablet, the first tablet powered by android3.0. with an interview and a display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verison. >> you're watching the verison wrap up show with otis livingston. >> hello again, i'm otis livering stone. we'll run you through all the information as we get you through the second round. five seed arizona taking on memphis. it was late in this one, the three pointer. wesley grabs the offensive rebound, but derek williams says i'm sorry, sir, not on my watch. williams finishes as the wildcats finish 77-85. healing off oakland. a big time all around effort for the big time. texas over oakland, 85-81. staying out west, duke's freshman sensation, point guard, irving returns to the octoberive rose we are 13 points as the blue devils cresh hanson by 42. they will play them next. the fist ones to win a game without a freeway flow. we'll check in, featuring the regular season acc championship and top need in the southwest, kansas. stay tuned. >>> the verison >>> the veriso
america everywhere, from the battle space to cyberspace. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to give our best for america's best. >> that's why we're here. >> one line helps communities turn plans into reality. help shippers forge a path to prosperity. helps workers get back to work. one line is an engine for the economy and the future. norfolk southern, one line, infinite possibilities. >> corporate funding is also provided by prudential financial. additional funding for "washington week" is provided by the annenberg foundation. the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.
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